x box 360 doesn't play games

Problem details

Put a game in x box 360 and when close the tray it makes a weird noise like the CD is skipping or scratching at the home screen and it says "open tray"

Best solution

open up x box if it isn't under warranty, if opened the DVD drive, look to see on the underside, of the top metal case, if there is a little round magnet stuck there, if so you need to superglue that to the center of your DVD drive mooter, smooth side up. it should fit very nicely. slap it back together and wallah.

stand the x box upside down with the power button at the top.

try putting the x box 360 for 48 hours without power on its side it, doesn't damage the x box because xbox's are built to be upwards or sidewards.

2 red lights on the ring of light

Problem details

after playing a game for 10 minte or less playing on an x box 360, the screen turns off and the x box has 2 red lights on the ring of light the console is still on and the controller is still doing what it was doing such as vibrating the fans shut off after a couple moments but there is still lights

Best solution

The 2 flashing red lights may indicate that there is a hardware problem with your X box 360 console. The main thing that causes the 2 red lights to start flashing is because of overheating and as the motherboard within the console takes more heat it actually warps and bends until the solders become loose.

Once this happens you will receive the 2 red lights. Even before you get the 2 red lights you may have noticed your games freezing and this is caused in the same way, by overheating. As the chips take more heat they shut off to prevent lasting damage, although they can only do this a number of times until you get the X box 360 2 Red Lights.

To fix the problem you need to stop the level of heat the motherboard takes and you can do this in a number of ways, but it will involve opening up your X box and working on it. In addition, you could always send your X box back to Microsoft as they are offering free repair for this error, you will just need to wait 3-4 weeks that’s all.

Give it some air! Put your console in an open space where it can ?breathe? and get some cool air.
Let it cool down for a few hours, be patient! Wait until the console is really cool and then turn it on.

Make sure the console sit in an open space with nothing blocking the air from coming in and out.
Be careful not to put the console next to a hot item such as stove, radiator etc.
From time to time check on it and make sure all the fans are working and that your console does not over heat, if it does you might want to buy some kind of a cooling system.
DO NOT put your console outside in the cold weather or in the freezer it might cause even bigger problems!
If you still have your warranty now it is a good time to exchange your console for a new one!

x box 360 not read games or dvd's

Problem details

The x box will play music, but not games or dvd's. When insert the disc, it just sits there doing nothing or "open tray". Tried to clean the lense with alcohol and q tip, but it did not solved.

Best solution

The open tray issue is normally linked to the laser itself. Do NOT have to replace the entire drive, as doing so may causes further problems.

If 360 is under warranty, send it in to be replaced.

If not, then there are things to try!

Open the console (using the various online tutorials) and remove the DVD-ROM drive. Open the drive and you'll have access to the laser. Get a Q-tip (cotton bud) and moisten one end with some boiled water. Rub gently over the lens of the laser, then use the other end to dry. Try the game again.

If the above doesn't work, purchase another drive assembly, matching what you already have. You could just buy the laser, but there's no point if it's something other than the laser (and you get one with a new drive). If you have a Hitachi drive, make sure you buy a Hitachi. The same with a Toshiba-Samsung. Keep the same drive type. New drives can be purchased from Ebay. For Toshiba Samsung's, either the MS25 or MS28 will be fine as the insides are exact. Hitachi's are likewise: any version will do.

Here's the good part: you don't need to mess with the firmware on your drive, since the problem is mechanical. Carefully remove the DVD logic board from your faulty drive (the circuit board inside the DVD-ROM itself) and get a Sharpie/Marker and tick it/sign it/etc. Something which you can distinguish one from the other. The boards will look the same and you don't want to mix them up!.

Set your board to one side and get your replacement drive. Open it up too and remove the board in the same way. Now put your board in this new drive, carefully replacing the cables (there are guides online for this too). Close the drive and try it.

Because you're keeping the PCB from your drive, your DVD key will match still and you won't have any configuration problems!

x box 360 wont show a picture but it has sound

Problem details

When boot x box up the TV will stay blank but it will hear the sounds that it usually makes when it logs into account.

Best solution

when we experience a no video/display but with sound as if your logging in at your default blade, try to disconnect all the cables including the power cord and the audio video cable. (its the cable going from your console or x box 360 to your TV). Before you plug it back try also to wipe the prongs or the metal part of the cables to ensure it has no debris or anything that would mess up the connection. If your using an HDTV make sure that the switch of your component cable is click on the HDTV settings. if it still not working for you, try to use a different cable and TV just to isolate the problem. If the issue still persist.. its the system that has a problem. Not exactly the hardware but it would definitely the prongs at the back of the console. So, bring it back to the retailer if its still in 30-days warranty or send for repair to its authorized service center.